Many skaters from Carolina Ice Synchro have continued to pursue their synchronized skating careers long after graduating from the team. During their collegiate pursuits, some of our former members became skaters for the synchronized skating teams of Miami University, Michigan State University, the University of Delaware, Adrian College and Liberty University. Other former CIS skaters went on to become team members of Skyliners, the Haydenettes, DC Edge, and St. Louis Synergy. Several of our alumnae have also represented our country in international competitions as members of Team USA. Below is a list of featured CIS alumnae and their teams.

Chrissy Barr

Carley Bryant

Brittany Clark

Ashleigh Faucette

Myssie Flowers

Kristin Huppi

Renee Kramer

Erika Kulickowski

Sydney Ma

Amanda McClure

Lauren McHenry

Madison Miner

Madison Scott

Anna Webster

Mallory Whitson

Kaitlyn Wiehe

We are so proud of our talented alumnae!

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